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Spine Surgery

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Spine ConditionsNowadays, a large population of people (approximately 80%) suffer from severe back pain during their lifetime. It is good news that in most of the cases the back pain subsides without surgical treatment. But, if an individual is grappling with a chronic condition, spinal surgery may be an option. In due course, people with chronic back pain spend a good amount of money to rid themselves of the problem. A spinal surgery could prove to be a cost effective option in this case. A successful spine surgery should be safer and effective. At the same time it should be less traumatic both to the patient and the family.

According to a new research performed recently, spinal surgery has proved to be superior to exercise. The study has revealed that spine surgery provides speedy and greater relief as well as enhanced functioning than non-surgical treatments for patients with lumber disk herniation.

How to get a superior class spinal care?
To get a superior quality spinal care, the first and foremost thing is the precise diagnosis of the problem. Due to the availability of advanced diagnostic tools, spinal ailments can be easily detected. If the problems are detected accurately and on time, spinal surgery can be effectively performed. At the same time, people need to be educated about the whole procedure to generate confident among themselves. It is essential to detect the nature of your spinal disorder.

Who needs a spinal surgery?
A spinal surgery is not an initial but rather an advanced treatment option to relieve oneself of either back pain or neck pain. If the pain and disability in the back or neck causes an identifiable lesion in a patient's anatomy and it does not show adequate improvement with non-surgical treatment, a spinal surgery can be a useful option. Though spinal arthritis is usually chronic, the symptoms of the disease are scarcely continuous. Surgery on the painful joints is not always the only option. However, a spinal surgery becomes necessary in severe cases. And patients suffering from severe spinal problems may need to go for a spinal fusion, decompression or laminectomy. It is always advisable to consult your surgeon to detect and diagnosis the severity of the problem, if you are suffering from prolonged back or neck pain. The surgeon can effectively diagnose the problem with the neck (cervical spine), mid back (thoracic spine) and lower back (lumber spine).

Slip Disc
Slip Disc
Also referred to as herniated or prolapsed disc, a slip disc is the commonest form of spinal ailments. It is a condition where the disks, protective shock-absorbing pads between the bones of spine, split or rupture. Consequently, the disk fails as the gel bulges out and escapes into the surrounding tissue causing pressure on the spinal cord or nerve fibres. This pressure results in severe pain either around the damaged disk or along the spinal area where the pressing nerve extends. A slip disc occurs when the tough disc between the vertebra is put under enough strain to rupture.

Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery
Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery
With the advent of minimal invasive spine surgery, the procedure has become more effective and less traumatic. This surgical procedure involves use of very small incision, minimum muscle retraction, less damage of normal tissue and specific pathological treatment. Since most surgeries of this type are performed under local anesthesia, patients with high risk of anesthesia can also go for the treatment. After the surgery, patients can attain mobility at a faster rate and avoid prolonged bed rest complications.

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