Patient: Padma Chugh says
I was unable to bear the pain and discomfort that my knee caused. Limitations in mobility were growing rapidly when I got in touch with Dr Neelabh to seek his advice. When I had the first meeting with him, I was compelled to think that I was in safe professional hands. Dr Neelabh recommended a knee surgery and explained to me everything regarding operation, recovery and the progress. Post-surgery, I felt pain for the first 2 weeks and was uncomfortable to sleep. But the pain faded with the use of painkillers. I am highly grateful to Neelabh that I have regained the mobility and can now enjoy all day-to-day activities.

Patient: Dhara Singh says
I approached Dr Neelabh for a knee replacement of an existing failed prosthesis. After a detailed and careful study of my past medical history, Dr Neelabh took up the case. Dr Neelabh expertly performed the surgery using the latest techniques. After gaining the early mobilisation, I left the hospital on the 9th day. Within 2-3 months after the surgery, I was able to walk without pain and restore normal health soon after.

Patient: Mathew Welling says Thank you Dr Neelabh so much for your adequate and effective care. My knee operation is one of the best surgical treatments I have ever had. I felt quite safe with you.

Patient: Santara Devi says
Before my total knee replacement, I suffered from regular pain while my movements were almost house-bound. I had to limp while getting out of the chair and moving towards the bathroom. Though I was a bit apprehensive before the surgery, consulting Dr Neelabh removed all doubts and I became very confident. Thanks to Dr Neelabh that I can now move freely and concentrate on my future plans.

Patient: Steve Lewis says
I wish to express my sincere appreciation to you, the anaesthetist and the whole team. Thank you so much for all the kindness that you extended and the professionalism with which you handled my case. I was almost crippled due to my knee arthritis. It’s been only 7 weeks after the surgery and I can walk for over an hour at a stretch. The rate of recuperation is quite satisfactory.

Patient: S K Midha says
I feel a renewed strength in my knee after the surgery. The range of movement has considerably increased. I can also enjoy golfing now.