10 Quick Home Remedies To Reduce Knee Pain in 2022. Home remedies for knee pain in old age. Know how to reduce knee pain at home. Knee pain is among the most common orthopaedic issues reported in people of all ages. It’s caused by wear and tear of the knee joint due to ageing or some additional facets. Some home remedies for knee pain which may provide you with immediate relief.

Knee pain can happen due to 2 reasons. Knee pain can occur due to fractures, ligament injuries, dislocation of the knee joint, sprain and strain. And, also happen due to health conditions like arthritis.

In such a condition, there’s extreme pain, stiffness and swelling in the knee joint causing difficulty in standing and walking and can cause acute pain, stiffness and swelling in the knee joint causing difficulty in walking and standing.

Various home remedies can help handle the pain, and we have gathered some treatments which can offer rapid relief for knee pain. Have a look.

1. Parsley
Among the best-known home remedies for knee pain, the anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties of parsley can act quickly in handling and reducing the pain. Soak your aching joints in warm water which has a few seeds of parsley mixed in it. You’re able to crush the seeds and use the paste on the affected regions for instant relief as well.

2. Eucalyptus oil
An effective analgesic, eucalyptus oil help boost your blood flow to the knee area and thereby reduces inflammation and pain. Put on the oil directly on the affected area and massage attentively. It’s one of the very best and quick remedies for knee pain.

3. Ginger extract
The effect ginger extract has on relieving knee pain in a short length of time was proven by research. It’s possible to apply some ginger oil on your knees and then massage the area and also use the ginger paste.

4. Camphor oil
This form of oil is quite valuable in relieving knee pain fast. Camphor oil has a cooling effect on skin and alleviates pain by inducing any discomfort on the skin and behaves as a counter-irritant. Once implemented, it induces tingling around the area and alleviates pain immediately.

5. Turmeric
This spice is very beneficial as it has anti-inflammatory properties that give relief to knee pain and inflammation. Among the most helpful and effective home remedies for knee pain, applying turmeric will help provide long-lasting and immediate relief from knee pain.

6. Epsom salt
The high degree of magnesium in Epsom salt assists in removing knee pain. You can also have a bath with Epsom salt water.

7. Extra virgin olive oil
Oleocanthal in extra virgin oil assists in preventing inflammation just as with any other pain killer.

8. Dandelion leaves
Full of vitamin C and A, dandelion leaves have Anti Inflammatory and Antiviral properties Thanks to the Existence of linoleic and linoleic acid in them.

9. Pectin with grape juice
Pectin is in liquid or powder form. You’ll have pectin blended with grape juice. Pectin will offer effective relief from pain and inflammation.

10. Ice packs
Ice Packs will help control the pain and decrease the swelling and prevent damage to your skin.