Are Muscles Cut During Total Knee Replacement?

A Total Knee Replacement is a very complex process. It is also known as knee arthroplasty. Highly skilled doctors only do it and no error is allowed. It is a long process and is only done in rare cases. In most case, a regular knee replacement surgery is done. A total knee replacement removes diseased portions from your bone. In addition, later the rest of the bone is shaped to accommodate the implant.

What happens during the surgery?

In knee replacement surgery, unlike the minimal knee replacement surgery, the muscles and ligaments’ are separated from one another. The kneecap is moved out of the way. The thighbone and shinbone are cut to fit the prosthesis, in order to make the knee workable without the diseased area.

Before closing the incision, the surgeon bends the knee to check if it is operating normally. Therefore, yes muscles are cut to create the incision in order to make the surgery a success.

What after the total knee replacement surgery?

The pain can last up to two months. However, after a couple of weeks, it becomes bearable. Your normal walking style is not the same anymore. You may feel different. Practically, a new knee that has been attached to your body.

Some of the common post-surgery symptoms are not very drastic. The post-surgery symptoms will include:

  • The patient can feel pain in the knee area
  • The knee will not feel the same, the movement will feel different
  • There are signs of fatigue due to knee change
  • There might be clicking sound in the knee region, it is normal
  • Change in a person’s walk for a while

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