India has a vast history of scientific Innovation and has given rise to some of the biggest ground breaking records and advancement. Till now the legacy is continued and at present or recent time India is proud of impeccable development in medical science. In today’s date India stand has the best medical practitioner as well as the surgeons rank high in this field. Hospital has preeminent equipment that enhances and increase success rate of treatment. Effective and immaculate services accessible to patient and low cost budget is needed or required to have hip replacement surgery at the best hospitals. In India there are endless and infinite benefits of undergoing a surgery in India with approximate zero percent of side effects of drawback.

Hip replacement surgical operation is the operation in which the joint is eradicated or replaced by a prosthetic implantation. The pain of hip is caused by fracture, rheumatoid, arthritis and aseptic or osteoarthritis. The ones who feel difficulty in walking and the impaired movement delay or hamper everyday activities. At that time the patients sometime choose or opt hip replacement surgery. This involves removal of the damage hip replacement with prosthesis. This is generally made up of plastic or metal. Hip replacement surgical operation cost is based on the type of surgery required in various countries or nation state. Hip resurfacing surgery is cost up to $7000, total hip replacement surgery amount $6000, while partial hip replacement surgery costs to $6900 Revision Hip replacement surgery amount to $8250 whereas minimum invasive hip replacement cost of $8200.

The average cost range from $7000 to 7200 in India therefore having hip replacement surgical operation the patients can save almost 80% of the amount or money while availing a hip replacement in India. Bilateral hip surgery cost up to 10000–12000, the prices given or offered to the patient is based on the basic criteria of the medical report of patients and is dependent on the recent or latest medical condition of the patients type of surgical operation, type of room, value and reputed brand hospitals or specialist/medical Surgeon from all over the world came to India from different walks of life just because of the easy availability of quality healthcare in India, prices and cost strategic parameters and other basic reasons. The final prices depend from nation to nation of the hip replacement surgical operation where you are willing to undergo the procedure in doctor medical degree, joint manufacturers. India has high success rate, zero waiting time, low cost of surgeons, best Orthopaedic surgeons and lastly top hospitals with best medical degrees and have the capability to decrease risk of hip dislocation and release less post operative pain and evokes faster recovery. Hence India is the most liked and preferable landing place for patients who are seeking for low cost hip replacement surgical operation. The cost of surgery in India is comparatively low with other nation or US having typically same procedure and care.