Does Insurance Cover Knee Replacement in India

More than six lakh people get knee replacement surgery every year in India. The knee is one of the most essential body joints. It enables a comfortable walk and body posture. Any problem with this joint can cause multiple physical issues. After a certain age, many people face knee related problems. Amongst them, a large number of people decide to get knee replacement surgery.

Insurance in India

Indian companies introduced claims for knee replacement surgery back in 2009. Before that, there was no provision for knee replacement. The cost of this surgery can be covered by insuring your claim, subject to its conditions. However, there are certain conditions to be kept in mind before opting for this insurance:

  • Being insured is safe, you cannot opt for insurance for a surgery that is about to happen.
  • You need to make sure the waiting period of your contract is over by the time this surgery happens
  • Opt for plans with the least waiting period

Is there a specific insurance policy?

No, you either take health reimbursement plan or get it added in your current insurance policy. There is no specific policy because the cost of this surgery is not that high. Which means creating completely separate insurance for this surgery alone is out of the question.

Why opt for knee replacement surgery insurance?

It is more of a necessity. Every second household is facing this issue. Therefore, the basic need is to opt for an insurance plan that consists of this surgery.

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