Hip Replacement in India

//Hip Replacement in India

Hip Replacement in India

Cost of Hip Replacement in India with Healthybones is much affordable. Hip Replacement Surgery refers to the replacement of the damaged hip joint with a prosthetic joint.

Dr. Neelabh is a skilled joint replacement surgeon for Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India.

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure to replace damaged or impaired cartilage and bone of the hip through hip replacement by the usage of artificial materials. The man-made materials used are ceramic, chromium, cobalt and titanium. According to surgeons wear out of hip replacements is gradual, however progression of hip replacement take over years. In India cost of hip replacement surgery is very minimum as compared to other western countries.

After 10 years of hip replacement there is 90% chance of its effective functioning l whereas after 20 years there is 80% chances of its working. This occurs due to aseptic loosening due as after a longer period the hip implants gets loose within the bone. Some other causes of loosening of implant is infections. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fracture, aseptic bone necrosis are some of the causes of hip pain. Often medical conditions get improved, but there is no cure for joint pain and severe cases cannot always be controlled by medication and rehabilitation.
Hip Replacement Surgery is most performed in following cases. Patients who require hip replacement unable to seek surgery if suffering from following medical cases:-
• If patient’s blood pressure is high from normal i.e. uncontrolled high blood pressure, in such case patients are not eligible for Hip Replacement Surgery
• If the hip replacement candidate has poor overall health,
• If candidates is suffering from cardiovascular problems i.e. heart diseases
• Patients who are going to take hip replacement surgery but if have a problem of Urinary Infection.

Hip replacement are supposed to be one of the complicated surgeries, although if surgery performed by experienced and skilled surgeon chances of successful hip replacement is there.

Following are the Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery:-

  • Osteoarthritis is a common joint problem which has effective treatment through hip replacement surgery
  • Reduce hip pain
  • Restore lost mobility
  • Reliable Surgery
  • Improves overall quality of life
  • Maximum rate of patient satisfaction

Dr. Neelabh is one of the known and best Orthopaedician in India who has performed various hip replacement surgery successfully at affordable rates. For more information or details or to fix an appointment you can visit the website www.healthybones.in.

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