How Much Does Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India?

The cost of hip replacement surgery in India is just around $6,000. The total cost may depend on several other factors such as the duration of stay, choice of hospital and choice of city for treatment. Hip fracture surgery is done to repair a break in the upper part of the thigh bone. The thigh bone is called the femur. A partial or complete damage in your bone is called a bone fracture. These fractures are identified by symptoms like high pain and swelling. This fracture is felt immediately. In very severe cases, the bone even pops out of your skin. Thus, a bone fracture is hands down a very painful injury.

Bone fracture treatment is a long-term treatment. You need not be hospitalised for the whole time. Although regular visits are necessary. A complete bed rest is observed in some cases.

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost

The cost of bone fracture in India varies from one thousand to fifty thousand in Indian rupees. Indian context has decided rates. The rates are very low compared to foreign nations like the US and UK. Over the past years, people have been attracted to Indian hospital design because of these prices. The quality of treatment is luxurious. Treatments are done using the best technology. This technology is available for very low rates in other countries.

People from countries like UK and US have been visiting India for such medical problems. India is the main hub for medical treatment world over. Indian medical developments have been humongous. India along with best technology provides a treatment that is usually not provided in foreign nations. These reasons make India a market leader.

What effects the cost?

  • Method of treatment
  • Technological application
  • Qualifications of the doctors
  • Accommodations of the patients
  • Expertise of the concerned doctor
  • Patients general health

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