How Much Does Orthopaedic Surgery Cost in India?

Orthopaedic surgeries are conducted to cure joint and bone problems. The disorders dealt with in these surgeries are of the musculoskeletal systems. Doctors who specialize in these problems are orthopaedists. These surgeries can be acute, chronic, or even due to old age.

In recent times, India has become the hub for orthopaedic surgeries all over the world. Technological development in India has is not less than countries like UK and US. The facilities in Indian hospitals are highly specialized. Moreover, there is zero waitlist in our country. Indian system has attracted various patients from all over the world.


Cost in Indian hospitals is much less than any foreign nation. Although the cost depends on the type of surgery, you may be getting into. Yet, the costs in India thirty percent to fifty percent less than the rates of countries like UK and US.

For example the cost of knee replacement surgery in US would cost you around four thousand five hundred dollars. For the same surgery in India, it would cost you four thousand two hundred for the same surgery. Similarly, all orthopaedic treatments show a similar difference.  In addition, Indian hospitals would provide you the best treatment for this rate. On the other hand, most foreign hospitals would charge you extra for all special treatments.

Treatments in India

  1. Surgery/Injury of bones
  2. Damage in bones
  3. Failure of muscles
  4. Problems in nerves, ligaments, or skin

Therefore, surgeries like, knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, repair of femoral neck fracture, hip replacement, laminectomy, lumbar spinal fusion etc. Are all performed in India at very reasonable rates.

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