India has become the most preferred medical destination

As compared to other countries, India has become the most preferred medical destination as it offers the cheapest knee replacement surgery hospital option for both national as well as international medical tourists. Talking about the UK, US and other developed nations across the globe, the knee replacement surgery cost in India is nearly ¼ of the cost in these countries. The average knee replacement surgery cost in the USA is about $ 25000 and $ 15000 in the UK and $ 10000 in Singapore whereas in India it is only $ 5000.

Yes, it is true. India has now reached the top position in terms of health tourism destination for high end surgeries at extremely affordable prices. India is specialized in providing cheap bypass surgeries and other high end surgeries for medical tourism hospitals. Many medical tourists, especially from western countries, have saved 75% of the cot in India in comparison with their native country for knee replacement surgery and other large procedures which also included travel costs. In the upcoming years, India is likely to have a $ 2 billion industry ready to serve the foreign patients, and credit to over 100,000 patients who visit India each year.

The government of India has been working to ease the restrictions on citizens of several countries; so it becomes easier for them to travel to India without any visa and with limited restrictions. India is well known for its advanced medical treatment and equipment. The doctors are highly trained and possess great experience.  Cities like Noida and Chennai fill half their hospital beds because of large medical tourism. Moreover, the language barrier is minimum for English speakers, and Indian hospitals are promoting translators for non-English speaking foreigners for better communication.

Health care facilities and costs in India can go as low as ten cents on the dollar in comparison with US or the UK. Eye Surgery, bone-marrow transplants, his replacement are some of the popular treatments in India. India is preferred the best for knee replacement surgery as there are several multi-speciality hospitals all over the country that provide and offers excellent treatment for knee replacement. Moreover, they have state of the art infrastructure, dedicated staff and follow the international guideline for medical care and hygiene.

India in no time has made its emergence in the field of Medicare and health treatments and has become the medical tourism hub. There are so many reasons to justify the foreigner’s selection. With relatively less and cheaper price rate in comparison to other developed countries, India is possibly offering personalized care with tailor-made services.