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Joint Replacement in India

Patients from all over the world, especially the Western countries, prefer to undergo Joint Replacement in India. Dr. Neelabh is the best Knee, Hip Joint replacement surgeon in India. He does orthopedic surgeries every year under his personal care and supervision.

Joint Replacement is considered as one of the most common surgery and the patients from all parts of the world are coming to India. The most common surgeries of the joint replacements is the Total Knee Replacement Surgery. In India, there is the low cost of surgery being held so as to couple with a very high success rate by which India has become a favorable destination for Joint Replacement.

Have you ever seen or felt the joint. A joint in a body is where the two bones are joined so as to perform the movements in the body. The joint may be found in our body as a knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder, and hip. If you are feeling any pain in the joints, then you must immediately go for a joint replacement surgery where the damaged joints are replaced. The pain may occur because of the patients suffering from osteoarthritis, or feels difficulty in moving the joints, or maybe the joints of the patient got injured.

Some of the most common reasons to come to India for joint replacement surgery include the following:

Affordable cost of treatment and caring staff
No waiting time
Availability of highly experienced doctors
State-of-the-art technology and machinery
Internationally accredited hospitals
High quality of treatment
Clean and well-maintained hospitals


If you have any problem in the joints then there are some risks that you will get. Some risks of the procedure are as follows:

Implant loosening, fracturing or wearing down over time, which may require surgery.
Dislocation of the artificial joint.
Damage of the vessels, nerves or other structures in the region of surgery.

Joint replacement is becoming very common these days with the hip and knee replacement.