Joint Replacement Surgeries High In India

Joint Replacement Surgeries High In India is on the verge of becoming a country with the highest number of substitution surgeries performed in the world. In order to make it more thresholds the orthopaedic surgeons have jagged out that the country needs well  trained and experienced arthoplasty expects in the wake of increase in joint replacement and knee replacement surgeries.

Approximately 1 Lakh joint replacement surgeries have been performed this year with successful outcome and the number is gradually increasing day by day. In the upcoming years India will have the highest number of surgeries in the world. Mostly patients from all around the world prefer to visit India for joint replacement.

India has bowed its name in history for itself and secured the top rank when it comes to the list of most popular nations for high-quality and feasible priced orthopaedic surgery. With well renowned hospitals, high-end technology and talented specialist India has nailed its greatest in the history of science.

Joint replacement surgeries are mostly preferred by the foreign nationals to come to India because of some reasons.

  1. Cheap and affordable cost of treatment
  2. No waiting time quick recovery
  3. Best and high quality treatment
  4. No additional charges
  5. Feasible and attractive packages
  6. Well trained and experienced specialist
  7. Advanced technology
  8. Modified treatment and care
  9. Specialized and internationally accredited hospitals
  10. Caring and sympathetic

India is usually most popular for hip and knee surgery and various effective procedures are performed with best orthopaedic procedures. Spine related surgical operations are being performed spine-related problems such as scoliosis, shoulder arthroscopy, hip resurfacing, slip disc and many others. Various medical tourism agencies guides and assists in choosing the best orthopaedic hospital in India.

With high-end technology India is well known and popular for hip and knee replacement surgery. Outstanding techniques and clinical procedures make the replacement surgeries successful and fruitful. The country India has nailed itself for proffering advanced minimal invasive knee surgery and hip surgery. These surgical operations have been interconnected to pain, instant recovery, and greater confidence among patients.

There has been a continuous rise in joint replacement surgical operation in India said by US surgeons. There is constant increase in the total joint replacement surgery performed each year. 80% increment in the past few years has been seen in these surgeries among men and women between the ages of 45 and 70.

 There is instantaneous progress in the number of patients meeting joint replacement surgical operation because the rate of implants has reduced significantly in the recent past. Wide range and variety of implementation are available. The extension of outstanding hospitals orthopaedic surgeons has made their patients with the surpassing well equipped assistance.

The physically tested medicine and rehabilitation packages have made hip resurfacing surgical operations successful and the chief principal of fuelling growth of joint replacement surgical operations in India are an increasing number of trained joint replacement specialists, sedentary lifestyle, rising health care expenditure, medical tourism, and enhance healthcare infrastructure.

Joint replacement surgical operation allows total relief from ache or pain and enhanced quality of life for patients suffering from painful joints. Joint replacement known as arthoplasty is a surgical option for stage arthritis which is well established and recognized nowadays and has benefited millions of patients throughout the world. India is a place of 1.2 billion people with major knee and hip arthritis patients.

According to the research the arthoplasty market is believed to progress at a compound annual progress rate of 26.7% within upcoming few years. As per this surgery, nearly 70,000 joint replacement surgeries were implemented in India in the year 2011. This demand for arthoplasty is increasing day by day and is rising ahead; therefore, there is a vital requirement for training of surgeons and also observing the implantation.

Surgical methods are the end line of remedy and are conducted when all the other therapy including cure with medicines and physical rehabilitation fail to recover the condition. Arthoplasty is usually the last retreat for recurring an injured or broken joint. Joint replacement surgery or arthoplasty can be done on several joints of the body, like, the ankle, hip, shoulder, knee, wrist and elbow. Hip and knee surgery is the most common among all other joints.

One of the most successful surgery and cost effective involvement and intrusion is the knee replacement. Approximate 95% the success rate has reached its popularity for joint replacement surgical. As the replacement surgery in India is low with international standard of care, best panel of hospitals for hip replacement surgery and with latest medical technology.

The success rate has increased just because of the great significance, excellent healthcare amenities and best hip replacement procedure in India with affordable prices. The results are effective as the pain is relieved pain and feels the increment in the range of motion.

The recently published report gives a thorough study of joint replacement surgeries in 740 hospitals from more than 200 cities. It describes market drivers, limitations, historical practice and forecasting between the years 2007 to 2010, annual reports for sales in respect with value and volume (in dollar and units), market progress, valuing, economical landscape and market share. It provides a contrast for total hip replacement (THR) and total knee replacement (TKR) along with shoulder joint replacement for the past and projected period.

Procedure and recovery

Arthoplasty (joint replacement surgery is usually executed in a hospital and it normally persists for a few hours. The rate of healing and treatment varies from person to person. Exercise plays a significant role in revival (healing) process. Suffering from post-surgery pain in the substituted joint is common because of the varying of the adjoining muscles. This situation gets better day by day as the body adapts to the new joint, supplement by tissue restoration.

There are several leading multi-speciality hospitals in India which are well recognised for joint replacement surgeries. India has qualified team of highly experienced orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists as these hospitals aim a delivering the best medication and treatment for a chain of muscular and skeletal problems.