Earlier joint replacement surgery was not available in India and people have to go abroad for the surgery but now medical science has improved a lot and Joint Replacement Surgery in India has become possible. Over the years, the ailment of joint pain such as knee, shoulder and hips has amplified and it can cause by eating habits, workaholic life, pollution and other reasons. Some of the main issues of joint pain are due to rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis, because most of the cases are coming to the doctors have these common issues. Medicinal treatment, exercise and physiotherapy suggested by surgeon at initial phase. It could be effective in the situation of stiffness and immovable actions of joints. But as the situation get worsened, the exercise, medicine and physiotherapy don’t act as a powerful remedy. Surgery is the only option left to operate the defect joints whether it is for knee, hips and shoulder.

There are numerous super speciality hospitals located in the different region of India that has all required facilities, equipments, infrastructures and surgeon that are having expertise in treating joint replacement surgery. All the hospitals follow the strict guidelines and standards set by ISO(The International Organization for Standardization), Joint Commission International (JCI) and The Medical Council of India (MCI) and it is mandatory for them to maintain the quality parameters and safety measures. Whether patient goes for shoulder replacement, hip replacement or bilateral knee replacement, they can get high quality of treatment and medical assistance that assure them definite success and fast recovery.

India is a vibrant and fast developing country in the global platform and it has developed in medical science too. The hospitals of India have accreditation in international level. Most of overseas patient need to wait for long time to get treatment in our ambience. Because in India, they will get the intense care, world-class treatment, magnificent surgeon. Here you will get outstanding medical facilities and care at very low cost compare to the overseas hospitals. If you are getting treatment in India then you are saving at least 70-80% of cost as compare to the hospitals of countries such as USA and UK.

Joint pain is like a curse for any age of person because it restricts the mobility and daily activities. Sometimes people try medicines, exercise and physiotherapy to tackle with this pain, and these sort of treatment also give relief for sometimes. But what happen when the pain unbearable and unavoidable, well it is better to get the joint replacement surgery because this treatment is the permanent solutions. You can live normal life after getting this treatment, however this treatment can be little bit expensive than physiotherapy or medicines, but one afford the money but not the pain. Everyone wants to make their body fit and healthy; by this surgical treatment you can live a relaxed life without any joint pain.