Knee Replacement Recovery Time

Everything you need to know about knee replacement recovery time. A comprehensive breakdown of all the surgical and non-surgical factors. Most patients are able to care for themselves and resume normal daily activities within 6 weeks and drive within 3 to 6 weeks. It may take 4 to 6 months or up to an entire year to fully recover and realize total benefits of knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement is one of the most commonly practiced surgeries the joint replacement surgeons perform. This decision is up to you and your doctor. There is a very high success rate ranging to ninety percent of the patients.

Why knee replacement surgery?

These surgeries are considered as an option if you have the following problems in your knees:

  • Severe pain all the time
  • Stiffness while climbing stairs or standing up
  • Pain while resting
  • Swollen knee
  • Defected knee shape

Alternatively, if any other method to cure this problem has failed to do so you can go for knee surgery.

The process:

This surgery has become more advanced than ever. You might need to stay in the hospital for 1-4 days maximum. You might get general anaesthesia during the surgery. On the other hand, if the doctor decides he might just give you epidural/ spinal anaesthesia to paralyze you below the waistline.

What happens after your surgery?

The patients are able to start ambulation the day their surgery has been done. Although it depends on every person’s ability, there is no rule that says otherwise. Some even return home after the surgery on the same day, depending on the recovery.

Physical Therapy

Therefore, once the surgery is done and you are home you will have to be a part of the outpatient physical therapy. They usually start after a week of the surgery. These exercises include:

  • Strengthening exercises
  • Increase the motion of knees
  • Reduction of scar tissue
  • Help in using assistive walking devices
  • Increasing knee flexibility

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