Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi is comparatively affordable the expert medical practitioners from several leading hospitals will inform you that knee replacement surgery package costs can vary anywhere from Rs 2 Lakh to as much as Rs 2.5 Lakh depending upon of knee implant one chooses.

Knee replacement is an economical package that cost Rs 1.25 Lac Plus types of knee implant patient chooses.

Knee Replacement surgery Cost in Delhi

Knee replacement isn’t a small task it needs a lot of procedure and going to be a serious arrangement. It necessary that you should be aware of a knee surgery cost that how the metal shell is used to replicate the femur. In some occasions, a plastic button is employed as well as placed under the kneecap surface.

However, there are top hospitals in Delhi that offers an affordable range of knee replacement –

Medanta Hospital Gurgaon

Rs. 3 Lakhs for one knee replacement

Rs. 5 Lakhs for both knee replacement

Fortis hospital

Knee Replacement range from 3L- 5.75L

Apollo Hospital

The cost varies from 2,72,000 to 4,50,000

Expenses of Knee Replacement

The cost and expenses for knee replacement may vary according to the following factors–

  1. Doctor’s Fee
  2. Hospital Charges
  3. Medical condition
  4. Types of implants/consumables
  5. Types of Knee replacement Surgery suggested (Unilateral/Bilateral) and other
  6. Recommended lab tests.

In other terms the average cost of knee replacement surgery can vary substantially from hospital to hospital in Delhi, the amount can be bifurcated into two segments the hospital package cost and cost of the implants used. Moreover, the hospital charge solely depends on whether the person is getting a bilateral knee replacement.

Another package comprises medical practitioner’s fees, a doctor in house visiting expenses, operating theatre charges, anaesthesia expenses, investigations, and room charges, etc. However, the hospital package will usually exclude all expenses for stay beyond the intended period, any additional procedures, use of special drugs and consumables, blood products and compound lab investigations.

Secondly, the cost of implants depends on the type of cement used to fixate the transplant. Henceforth there are numerous aspects which can impact the cost of knee replacement surgery. You can consult your surgeon for further details regarding cost breakdown once the entire workup of the patient is done.