Spine Replacement Surgery in India

Are you suffering from chronic back pain? Has the situation become worse that you are not getting any respite from prescribed medicines? Has your doctor prescribed artificial disc replacement surgery? If yes, then instead of panicking, you need to know about Spine Replacement Surgery in India.

In an artificial disc replacement surgery, the painful disc is replaced by an artificial disc. This kind of surgery is performed on the neck for the problems related to cervical spine or on the lower back for problems in lumbar spine. The primary purpose of artificial discs is to perform the function like the natural spine does.

An artificial cervical disc is a device which is used by surgeons who insert that between two cervical vertebrae after surgically removing intervertebral disc. It is performed for decompressing a nerve root or the spinal cord. The purpose of the disc is to preserve motion at the affected area. It eliminates motion at surgically performed disc space located in the neck area.
Some of the benefits of the surgical procedure are mentioned below:

Faster return to resume day to day activities
It eliminates the requirement for bone graft
Helps in maintenance of normal neck motion
Early postoperative motion of neck
It reduces degeneration of adjacent segments related to cervical spine

The right candidates suitable for the surgery-

Patients should be between the age group of 18 and 60
One should be the candidate for spine surgery like lumbar fusion
One should be diagnosed with post-laminectomy syndrome at L-5, L-5S1 or L-4 levels or degenerative disc disease
Those who have one level disc disease that is either the second to the bottom, L4-L5, or bottom disc level, L5-S1)
Only those patients who show no signs of improvement even after six months of conservative treatment which includes physical therapy, non-surgical care and pain relief medications, to name a few.
Those who are bearing the pangs of lower back pain

There are several reasons why people prefer undergoing Spine Replacement Surgery in India. One such reason is that this kind of surgery gives a natural range of mobility as well as motion.