The Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in India

The best hip replacement surgeon in India can be completely trusted without any doubts. Hip replacement may be needed for different kinds of disorders related with the hip region. It is a surgical method where the hip joint gets replaced with the help of a prosthetic implant, and it is known as hip prosthesis.  If you or any of your near and dear ones need the hip replacement surgery then you can find the best hip replacement surgeon in India.

More insight on hip replacement

There can be multiple aspects related with hip replacement. It can either be done as a half replacement or total replacement may also be needed in extreme conditions. In total hip arthroplasty the acetabulum, as well as the femoral head are replaced and the hemi arthroplasty generally witnesses the replacement of femoral head only. Thus, it depends on the situation of individual patient that whether total hip replacement is needed or hemi replacement is sufficient. It is a complicated orthopaedic surgery and only a highly trained surgeon can perform it with perfection.

Why hip replacement may be needed?

Sometimes there can be hip fractures or the patient may be going through severe arthritis pain. In these cases hip replacement surgery may become absolutely essential. Sometimes due to deformity and injuries also hip replacement may be needed.

The task of hip replacement can be perfectly handled by a skilled orthopaedic surgeon. Nowadays there are advanced level technologies, procedures and medicines that have brought a complete shift in the domain of hip replacement. By availing the services of best hip replacement surgeon in India, patients will not only get access to top notch treatment but they will also receive the guidance about post operative care.

A surgeon you can completely trust for hip replacement surgery

Dr. Neelabh is for sure the best hip replacement surgeon in India.  You can easily book an appointment with him and all the details can be accessed from the website .  The rates charged are completely affordable and far less than the costs of private medical institutions. You will get access to unsurpassable treatment and your hip related problems will be solved in a holistic manner.