The popularity of India as health tourism is getting increased, the Government of India has taken some steps to ease the rule. India is one of the countries across the world that is making its place in joint replacement surgeries. The place is gaining popularity for joint replacement surgeries and the country is the hub for the expertise in orthopedics. A few years back, there were around one lakh joint replacement surgeries performed in the whole country. Gradually, there has been an increase in the number of surgeries performed every year. It is believed that in the coming next 10 years, India will be counted as the top country in the world for the highest number of surgeries related to the joint replacement. Therefore, with this aim, the junior doctors are eager to learn constantly from their senior doctors. In fact, in this field, new techniques are constantly developing to ease this whole procedure of joint replacement surgeries.

The top hospitals in India are offering advanced treatments for joint replacements including hip disorders, arthritis and so on. The procedure in the country has accounted for 99% of the success rate. With this success rate, India is becoming a hot destination for all joint replacement surgeries. The main reason behind making India’s top choice for all these kinds of surgeries across the world is the expertise and the low-cost treatment offered in the country.

In fact, the young patients have also been the ones who gained an advantage from such kind of surgeries who are seriously suffering from secondary arthritis.

Every year, over 1 lakh patients are visiting India especially for knee and hip surgeries. For any doubts, related to your joints problems, you can ask the experts at

The popularity of India as health tourism

As the popularity of the country is getting increased, the Government of India has taken some steps to ease the rule. Some of the restrictions are lifted to increase health tourism in the country. With these fewer restrictions, people from all over the world can get benefits from the facilities provided by the hospitals in India. In the country, there are continuous improvements in the advancements of the transplant process. All these advancements are helping in minimizing the invasive nature of complicated surgeries.

With the emergence of excellence joint replacement surgeries, not only people from all over the world, but people within the country such as from rural and urban areas are also seeking opportunities for the treatments. Furthermore, after the surgeries, the patients are supported by the professional physiotherapists that will help them in recovering from the surgeries. These professionals will help them in getting detailed knowledge about the do and don’t after surgical procedure.

For every joint replacement surgery, one cannot ignore the significance of physical therapy. These physical exercise therapists will help the patients in recovering fast from the surgery. After surgery, there are some after-effects of the surgery too. To deal with these issues like prolonged as well as persistent pain, one definitely requires a physical therapy program. Along with the surgical programs, the hospitals also facilitate their patients with physical therapy programs. The presence of these kinds of benefits is getting the popularity for the joint replacement surgeries in India.

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Joint replacement

Joint replacement is a kind of surgical procedure in which specialists will either remove or replace the damaged joint with the ceramic, plastic or metal device. The ceramic device is known as the prosthesis. This prosthesis will help the individuals in getting back the normal life and the individual’s joint can function normally.

In India, knee replacement surgery along with hip replacement one is the most common joints replacement surgery. People from all over the world come to the country to get the best results and wish to get back to a normal life after these surgeries. But the joint replacement surgeries are not limited to the hip and knee replacement surgery. The joint replacement surgery also includes surgeries of elbow, shoulder, wrists, and ankle.

Cost of joint replacement surgeries in India

The joint replacement surgeries in India are very cost-effective. Furthermore, when you approach any other part of the world for such kinds of treatments, then it will cut your pocket. But, if you want to have the latest treatment with the great success rate along with the cost-effective rate, then India is a great option for you.

India is the right place as here you will get affordable treatment with the latest surgical treatments. When you undergo such surgeries, you will surely be able to walk and climb the stairs. These surgical procedures will restore the diseased and damaged parts of the joints. Working with the diseased and damaged joints is really very difficult. To get rid of this problem, joint replacement surgery is your only solution.

In recent times, a survey has revealed that joint replacement surgeries are performed at a very competitive price in India. Therefore, the country is attracting a large number of people from all over the world. Lots of people are coming to this land due to the advancements in the medical field. The country has the finest doctors and hospitals that are serving people from all over the world.

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