Total Hip Replacement surgery in India – Treatment Guide

The total hip replacement surgery in India is generally performed when all conservative treatment options have failed to provide ample pain relief. If you total the cost of hip substitution in the US is around $39000, whereas total hip replacement surgery cost in India is just $ 6000. This process or method helps in relieving painful hip joint, thus making walking more comfortable. In India, the patients are stayed for four to six days and advised them for bed rest with a wedge-shaped cushion between your legs to keep the new hip joint in place.

Total hip replacement surgery is a method that embroils surgical removal of a painful and damaged hip joint and replacing it with a human-made or artificial joint called prosthesis. More often it is made from plastic and metal components which are designed to be accepted by your body. These prostheses are created to degradation, resist corrosion and wear.

In addition to this, the patients are helped with urination, where a drainage tube will be placed in bladder recondition the strength of the hips physical the therapy will be started after the surgical operation and within a few days the patients will be able to walk with a walker, crutch or cane. This physical therapy treatment will be last for a few weeks to months following the surgery to accomplish maximum recovery.

The ones who take this total hip replacement surgical operation can enjoy activities like swimming or golf, although the high impact activities like running, basketball, playing and skipping is the best to be avoided or neglected. The hip replacement or substitution technique or procedure is evolving.  This substitution can be conducted in adults of any age group and is usually performed in patients aged between 60 and 80 with most of them enduring hip injury because of fall or damage due to osteoarthritis.

According to the reports or survey conducted by CDC’s National Centre for Health Statistics (NCHS) of Hip replacement cost in India is just a fraction of what it costs in other western countries including US and UK. The total hi replacement method is now being scheduled on thousands of patients around the world. The number of hip substitution surgical operation conducted in a year has sky-rocketed from 2000 – 2010.

One of the primary reasons why India has emerged and developed as a hub for orthopaedic surgeries for medical tourists. As an ordinary, medical tourist ends up spending 50% to 70% less amount when they decide to travel to India for Total Hip Replacement or for that matter any other orthopaedic surgery.

The cost of hip replacement surgery cost in India is a standout in the world. Hip Replacement Surgery cost in India has attracted patients who are seeking Hip Joint Replacement Surgery at an affordable cost. The Cut or price rate of total hip replacement may vary on several other factors such as the duration of stay, choice of hospital and choice for treatment or ailment.

Treatment Guide –

In India, before the surgical operation, the patient will meet with the orthopaedic surgeon for an examination however that the surgeon or specialists will

  1. Ask about the medical history or background and current suppository/ prescription.
  2. Will perform a brief general physical examination to ensure you’re healthy enough to meet or undergo the surgical operation.
  3. Scrutinise and observe your hip paying attention of the range of motion in your joint and the strength of the surrounding muscles.
  4. At last will order blood test, an X-ray including MRI.

The preoperative give a good chance & opportunity for you to ask questions about the method. But make sure find out which medications you should avoid or continue to take in the week before surgery.

During the procedure-

To perform the surgical operation, the surgeon will:

  1. Cut the front or side of your hip through the layers of tissue.
  2. Replaces diseased and broken or damaged bone and cartilage, leaving healthy bone intact.
  3. Implantations of the prosthesis socket into your pelvic bone to remove the damaged socket.
  4. Replenishes the round top of your femur with the prosthetic ball which is attached to a stem that fits into the thighbone.

After the Procedure-

After this treatment process, the patient will be moved to a recovery area for a few hours while the anaesthesia wears off. In the meantime, the nurse will check the pulse, blood pressure, alertness, pain or comfort level, and the patients need for medications.

The physical therapist will help you with some exercise that the patients can do in the hospital and at home to speed recovery.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India– Recovery and Rehabilitation

Generally, people do not spend more than 3 to five days in the hospital after a hip substitution surgical operation. The full retrieval from the surgical procedure takes about 3 to 6 months, varying on the type of surgery complete health of the patient and the successful result of the rehabilitation program. The ache and pain can be treated and cured by medication and rehabilitation. Still, in actual the pain is unbearable, and it becomes even more challenging to walk, in such condition, the individual needs to choose for hip replacement surgery.

General precautions

  1. It is recommended to take pain medications.
  2. The surgical area must be kept clean and dry.
  3. Exercising the joint muscles and doing physiotherapy regularly will hasten the recovery.
  4. Avoid falls and watching one’s step
  5. The patients must perform occupational therapy to get rid or overcome the physical disability following surgery.
  6. Do not drive for at least six months.

In India, hip replacement hospitals have a group of surgeons and specialist, and health care amenities in the field of orthopaedics. The surgeons have vast knowledge, and they have given the best treatment in all possible deformity and disorder to define the most appropriate course of action. If you are unaware or ignorant about what is the hip replacement/substitution.

In simple word, replacement is the process of replacing the hip joint, which may be injured or damaged due to arthritis, injuries, fractures or a bone tumour. A ball and socket mechanism is a hip joint that helps a person to move their legs for daily activities. Specialists or orthopaedic surgeons have their education and training in some of the world-class institutes in India and abroad.