What is the cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India?

Knee replacement surgery is a dependable way to get rid of the knee or joint pain which is due to various reasons. Just like there are different ways to do the knee replacement surgery, there are different costs for the surgery depending on the condition of the joints. The type of surgery namely partial, total or bilateral knee replacement defines the cost of the knee replacement.

There are a few reasons that you should do your knee replacement surgery in India:

  • Cost is very low as compared to the surgery done in other countries like Japan and USA.
  • A team of experts or the best orthopaedic doctors are in India who will do the best surgery be it replacement or substitution.
  • Some of the best hospitals in India would be better than some general hospitals that you can afford at the same rate abroad which means you can get the replacement done in India at a better cost with better results.

The knee replacement cost in India starts from USD 5000. It is dependent on the expertise, quality of implant, type of process used for implantation, hospital in which the surgery is being done and the city where the hospital is located. The surgical equipments in some type of surgeries are customised according to the patient, which means there is additional cost added to the basic cost.

In INR it is about 3 to 6 lakhs INR which you will have to pay for a knee replacement surgery in average. Some additional cost of about 20,000 to 30,000 INR might be required for the miscellaneous expenses like the medicines and other things required for a good recovery.  The cost of Uni-lateral and Bi-lateral surgery also differs as the bi-lateral surgery is double the cost.

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